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Welcome to VBAReality!

Virtual Welcome to VBAReality!  In our blog series we will be discussing Virtual, Blended, and Augmented Reality technologies and experiences.  We will talk about what makes each piece of hardware unique, and what are the strengths of each of the pieces of hardware. For software experiences we will try to give you a feel for how comfortable an experience will be, as well as the unique features of it.

For purposes of our blog, and what I believe is generally accepted in the Reality community, Virtual Reality will refer to the use of any hardware that obscures the view and does not, as a normal part of the experience, show the immediate vicinity live view of the world.  The reason why I use this definition, is while those familiar with Virtual Reality will agree that a computer generated world with a headset that obscures the view of the real world around us is Virtual Reality, what would you call a recorded spherical 360 degree Video?  I think it is safe to say in this case most of us would call it Virtual Reality as we are Virtually there even if it is a real world experience.

Now what about if you are viewing the room next to you, still Virtual Reality?  Okay now lets presume the room that is next to you is being viewed live through a headset, that obscures your view, but it is overlaying pressure gauges virtually onto a series of pipes and tanks shown in that room.  Unless we want to coin another new term, which I will try to avoid doing in my blog as much as possible, Blended Reality would be the best fit here.  While we are remote viewing which is a form of Virtual Reality, the fact that we are seeing real time live updates of the pressure gauges being overlayed onto the pipes and tanks is a form of Augmented Reality, leaving the answer to be, Blended Reality, a combination of both.

Expect to see new blog posts once a week on average, and in the initial there will be a few extra as I add the base content to VBAReality.


Joseph Ellsworth

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