Samsung Galaxy Gear VR for S6/S6 Edge unboxing, setup, and 3d and 360 movie playback…

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Samsung Galaxy Gear VR for S6/S6 Edge unboxing, setup, and 3d and 360 movie playback…

Unboxing and first use for Samsung Galaxy Gear VR for S6 / S6 Edge


So I just received my new Samsung Galaxy Gear VR and as you can imagine I feel like a child on Christmas morning. I was up bright and early waiting for it to be delivered tracking it every step of the way, and made sure as soon as I could get it in my hands it was done.

The release date listed on the website indicated July 14th, 2015. Well it is currently July 13, 2015 so you could kinda say I found my present early and feeling a little naughty ;-).

The box itself has a nice metallic silver “Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for S6 / pour S6” boldly on it. In case a few of you are still unfamiliar with the term Innovator Edition it is designed to indicate that this is an early version targeted primarily toward dev’s / early adopters to spur innovation within the community prior to a full consumer release. However you can see by the sale of it through outlets like Bestbuy Canada that they are definitely pushing it beyond the more exclusively only purchased through Canada Oculus Rift DK2. The box also shows a Powered by Oculus with their logo in white down in the bottom left. Oculus and Samsung definitely a beautiful partnership as they now have both a solid mobile and computer tethered experience to provide the best of both worlds.

The picture on the box of the Gear VR is profiled clearly showing the left hand side from the viewers point of view with the new fan opening being shown. I have heard from my sources at Samsung that this should help with the overheating that occurred with the Galaxy Note 4, but is being marketed primarily as reducing fogging of the eye pieces.

The two primary new features on the Samsung Gear VR for S6 / S6 edge is the new Fan and vents, as well as the micro usb charge port located at the bottom of the Samsung gear VR which you can tie into a direct power source, or to be able to still maintain mobility, you can tie it into a portable battery pack.

Besides the headset there are a few items in the box:

Back of the head strap & over the head center strap as two separate pieces that join together.

A cleaning cloth

An instruction manual (Mode D’EMPLOI, and User Manual)

A replacement foam that rests against the users face and attached to the unit via a Velcro strip.


Normally I would go based on my knowledge and begin setup. However in this case I am going to play the role of new inexperienced user, and see how clear it is to setup. One of my concerns was that there was no quick start guide on top when I opened the box… as many users do not wish to read manuals. My understanding it should be pretty much plug and play, but for example knowing to push the phone release button to pop out the dummy protector cover on your gear vr to me is important to have clearly visible for the average user.

Not only was there a lack of a quick start guide but setup of the VR software on the device starts on page 36. At least it appears to be generally straight forward, but it is important to note, you will connect, disconnected, and reconnected your device through the installation. So I will recommend you read the manually thoroughly whether you decide to or not is up to you.

Setup steps:

1): After attaching the head straps to the device I am now removing the front cover from the device using the phone release button.

2): Make sure wifi is enabled on your phone and you are connected to wifi for the download required. Then connect your phone to the connector with the phone display facing toward the Samsung’s Gear VR optics to begin.

3): The phone will prompt you via voice to remove your phone again and follow the setup:

Agree to the EULA

Confirm reading the Warning Notice.

Tap Install to install:

Gear VR Service
Gear VR Video
VR Gallery
Oculus Home

(Downloading size at the time I downloaded it was 107 MB and my phone was previously up to date)

Next it will indicate installing 1/5 – 5/5

Select Language (in my case English) and Continue.

Prompts to confirm language indicating it may be challenging to change.

Log in to Oculus Account.

Prompts to Install Apps:

Oculus Cinema

Oculus 360 Photos

Oculus 360 Videos

(Roughly 100mb+ for all 3 combined from what I caught at a glance.)

You’re Ready! – (A prompt indicating you can insert your phone to begin, or use the Oculus Store outside of VR and insert the phone later to use the apps / experiences)

Oculus Store first time (I opted to do this on the phone only not in VR)

  • Prompted to setup and Oculus Pin number instead of my Oculus password.
    (Was not prompted to confirm even though it was displayed on the screen)
  • Prompts me to type in my password to confirm (This is the Oculus login password, not your Android password or something else.)
  • Prompted to Add a payment method (to the Oculus store to purchase items from the store).
    No visible option to skip, only Continue.
    Prompts for Card #, Expiry, CVV, and address including postal code.
  • Warning to update apps for Oculus Store.

Setup of Oculus Store is complete. (Initial first screen shows Featured, and Samsung tabs)

Downloading Samsung + Marvel Avengers experience J

So far I have tried out:

Samsung + Marvel Avengers experience

A number of videos and pictures through exploration, including some Oculus Exhibitor photos, and some misc other photos and videos.

Next I am checking out some 360 videos I have separately, which were not downloaded through the store. As well as a 3d flat screen movie.

For your movies in general it should be placed in either /DCIM/, /Movies/, or /Oculus/Movies/ .

Supported file types include:
.mp4 .m4v .3gp .3g2 .ts .webm .mkv .wmv .asf .avi .flv

ANY DRM movies such as videos purchased in play store or itunes cannot be played in Oculus Cinema.

For 3d Movies when you add them to your device add an additional file as detailed below:

For 3D video content, Oculus Cinema supports the side-by-side and top-to-bottom formats. To designate that a file is 3D, create a text file with the same file name as your video and place it in the same directory. For instance, for mymovie.mp4, create a text file mymovie.txt, with the following content:

“format”: “3D”

Where the format can be any one of:
“3D” : 3D movie side-by-side
“3DLR” : 3D movie side-by-side (same as “3D”)
“3DLRF” : 3D movie side-by-side full screen
“3DTB” : 3D movie top-to-bottom
“3DTBF” : 3D movie top-to-bottom full screen



For Subtitle playback:

If you have SRT format subtitles for you side-loaded videos, you can also load them into Oculus Cinema by using the following convention: for <moviename>.mp4, name your subtitles as <moviename>.<optional lang>.mp4 and place them in the same directory as your content. For example:


While watching the video in Cinema, a new subtitle option will appear in the player controls (gaze and tap the screen for the controls to appear).

                If lying down or reclining:

Oculus Cinema Void Theater

The Void Theater in Oculus Cinema lets you reorient the movie screen. This is particularly useful when watching movies while lying down or reclining in a chair.

To reorient the screen, look at the location where you would like to reposition the screen and then tap on the touchpad.

                360 Video Playback:

To view your own panoramic videos in Oculus 360 Videos, copy the videos to your phone’s internal storage (Phone):

Oculus 360 Video is implemented using spherical mapping to render panoramic videos. For 3D panoramic videos, top­-bottom, bottom­-top, left-­right and right-­left stereoscopic video support are implemented using the following naming convention (i.e. add the text to the end of the file name):
Default: Non stereoscopic video if width does not match height, otherwise loaded as top-bottom stereoscopic video
“_TB.mp4”: Top / bottom stereoscopic panoramic video
“_BT.mp4”: Bottom / top stereoscopic panoramic video
“_LR.mp4”: Left / right stereoscopic panoramic video
“_RL.mp4”: Right / left stereoscopic panoramic video


360 Videos and 3d Videos were both tested and working successfully!

Will keep you up to date with more information as I discover it.


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