VBA Reality Studio – More Details to arrive with first VR headset (no later than May 26th, 2016)

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VBA Reality Studio – More Details to arrive with first VR headset (no later than May 26th, 2016)

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V B A R E A L I T Y   S T U D I O  Ⓡ


B U S I N E S S   P R O P O S A L

VBAReality Studio is dedicated to fostering a community through creative expression in VR.  Our team
is dedicated to assisting artists and developers expand the Virtual and Augmented reality mediums
through teaching, facilitation, and equipment.

The home of VBAReality Studio

The future home of VBAReality Studio

Virtual and Augmented Reality is creating a rapidly evolving and explosively expanding community.

There is a vacuum right now pulling more developers, creators, marketers, and artists into the gold rush days of Virtual and Augmented Reality.  It is an exciting time, and the world is craving a rapidly increasing amount of content.  These Virtual and Augmented reality pieces include interactive, non-interactive, social, artistic, educational, gaming, and much more.

Toronto has a solid presence in this Virtual and Augmented Reality frontier.  The community here is leading the way in some key areas.  For example Toronto’s Secret Location is well known for winning the first Emmy in VR.  Blair Renaud with his game Technolust has won a number of awards, for his new VR game, from Vision 2016 VR / AR, and the 2015 Proto Awards.  Quantum Capture is a leading 3d scanning studio providing full model capture assets capable for use in both Unity, and Unreal engine.

VBAReality Studio will fill a key void allowing new and emerging artists, developers, and students who are considering this field a chance to explore, and begin their creation process.  It will also allow for cross platform testing as we will have a broad range of devices available for use.  Our team will also be able to guide and introduce the world of VR and how to take the first steps in this wondrous new medium.

Appointments for usage will primarily be scheduled as this will allow us to also provide equipment and services for use in Virtual Reality installations, and events.

O U R   T E A M

We are dedicated to supporting and developing the Virtual and Augmented reality community.  We work with developers, artists, marketers, and students.  Assisting with the growth of emerging talent, and assisting well developed talent.



Studio Director

Over 25 years experience as a leading technology expert, diagnosing, repairing, and building computer and network systems. He is experienced with all of the major VR platforms since their early days, including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and HTC Vive, working with VR events that include HotDocs and Ryerson Transmedia Zone, including outreach and demos through HackLab.to.

S O M E   S T A T I S T I C S

Individual interest and engagement is constantly on the rise.  The majority of major brands are embracing Virtual and Augmented reality and it’s ability to capture people’s attention.  The retention and sharing of the experiences  is also dramatically increased with Virtual and Augmented reality.

$14.6 billion
conservative figure for VR revenues by 2020, with optimistic figures as high as $126 billion.


of the online adult population or about 23 million people have tried Virtual Reality[2]


of adults interested in giving virtual reality a try, approx 86 million people


of top brands have Virtual Reality projects

O U R   P H I L O S O P H Y


[1] Statistics from the Analysis Group

[2] Statistics from virtual reality company YouVisit

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