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Who is VBAReality?

VBAReality is dedicated to bringing Virtual, Blended, and Augmented Reality experiences to the Greater Toronto Area, and eventually Canada wide.  Keep an eye on the VBAReality blog for all new public Virtual, Blended, and Augmented Reality installations that we are presenting, or partnering with, in our blog.

In the initial stages VBAReality, started as a Public Presentations showcase bringing in groups of 50-75 people showcasing the Oculus Rift DK2 to members of the public, and HackLab, at their new larger Queen and Dufferin location.  This not only helped further our primary goal of bringing Virtual Reality to the public, but also served raise awareness to the public of a great hacker space provided by HackLab, and their new location.

In our next stage we are looking at partnerships both with individuals and groups to expand the experience both with a wider range of technology, and being able to facilitate a larger attendance.  The next event already deep in the final stages of developement, is the VAR (Virtual + Augmented Reality) Showcase presented by Vangard and VBAReality.  Details to be posted shortly in our blog.

Our Insights

The VBAReality Blog
A Blog discussing the latest Virtual, Blended, & Augmented Reality hardware & software. Including all Virtual Reality Presentations organized by VBAReality and our Partners.
Presentation Strategies
Presentation Strategies both theory, and practice. For public to private events. Discussing large public events, down to select targeted audiences.
Consulting on the best approaches to: Hardware & Software Programming & Accessories User Experience & Presentations

Team Members & Partners

Meet the Team of VBAReality and Partners

Joseph Ellsworth Presenter, Consultant, and Editor of VBAReality

Computer Technician for over 20 years. I first saw Virtual Reality back in 1996 with a motorcycle sized helmet